• The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    I cannot describe how beautiful this film is. It's the second time that I watch it and I loved it even more.
    Wes Anderson Ranked

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    An aspiring Indiana Jones went to Antarctica and that went really bad, yet pretty good for the horror genre and the film industry. The production design is epic, and the effects as well. The mysterious atmosphere of old horror films is unbeatable.
    George's Favorites

  • Rise



    Rise has a continuous feeling of hope and that's what Giannis has taught us all. Never stop believing. His childhood wasn't easy and although the film doesn't capture it in depth, it achieves to become a really powerful biopic of Greek Freak's journey. Furthermore, Rise is beautifully filmed and it has amazing music which is highly influenced by African music. Before ending my review I would like to give kudos to the cast that even though their lack of experience in acting, they all deliver good performances. Keep it up Giannis!
    2022 Releases Ranked

  • Juno



    A tender story mixed with a brilliant soundtrack. The character of Juno can make its move into my favorite film characters list, and that's especially due to its vocabulary knowledge haha. I wish I could use this wide variety of diferrent words and expressions when it comes to speaking.
    George's Favorites

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull


    It's definitely one of the best Robert De Niro's performances, it surely has top-notch directorial job by the one and only Martin Scorsese, and the black & white cinematography by Michael Chapman is just sto beautiful. However, I didn't find it that engaging in the end. It may be my lack of interest in boxing, but that's not exactly the only focus of the film due to its dramatic and biopic nature. It doesn't mean that I didn't like it, but I didn't enjoy it that much. I will rate with 3.5 stars for now.
    Martin Scorsese Ranked

  • Miller's Crossing

    Miller's Crossing


    All these laughs gave me "Funny how?" vibes. I really liked all the accents and the laughs at random moments. Not Coen's best, yet so entertaining.
    Coen Brothers Ranked

  • Inferno



    It's among those films that I don't mind their nonsense. I can just have fun with the atmosphere, the music and the colors.
    Dario Argento Ranked

  • Four Flies on Grey Velvet

    Four Flies on Grey Velvet


    We can say that the "Fly" episode from Breaking Bad is slightly based on this film, can't we?
    Dario Argento Ranked

  • Eternals



    Hey, I know that it's not a great film, but I really do believe that it's a fun one. The CGI are among the most beautiful from what we have seen from Marvel until now. My main complaint is that it could have a shorter duration.
    MCU Ranked

  • Hawkeye



    Never have I had a big interest in the character of Hawkeye, but this series changed that. That was a huge surprise for me. The cast was terrific; from Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld to Tony Dalton and Florence Pugh. A great story that takes place in the most beautiful days of the year, Christmas. And I certainly want to see more of bro Kate Bishop!
    My rating for each episode:
    Episode 1: 3.5/5
    Episode 2: 4/5
    Episode 3: 4/5…

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    The men are definitely angry and the film is certainly one of the best ever made. It's the best choice I could have made for my 2000th film. A timeless masterpiece.

  • Paris, 13th District

    Paris, 13th District


    If French New Wave was a wave that happened nowadays and not in the 60s, this film would definitely be a part of it. Céline Sciamma's writing is really intriguing, but it has some moments that's too cliche. Furthermore, the screening I attended wasn't that good as I went to an open air cinema and there was a concert near the cinema. It's a decent film though.