The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall ★★★★

There’s a whole lot of life left in the Western genre yet and Jeymes Samuel’s debut film proves that statement with an absolute flourish. The Harder They Fall is brash, extremely stylistic, and oozing with confidence from every pore. It will surprise nobody to learn the performances from a cast that includes names such as Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, LaKeith Stanfield, Regina King, and Zazie Beetz, are all excellent – but that praise extends to everyone involved. Every character big or small is distinct and memorable when given the chance to shine. The soundtrack is modern mixed with some typical Western beats, and it adds so much personality to the movie that I’ll be surprised if anything can top it this year. The violence is gratuitous, incredibly entertaining, and captured with a visual flair that stands it up with the greats of the genre. I’m already eagerly awaiting Jeymes Samuel’s next project because from the looks of things, there’s a new sheriff in town.