Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice ★★★★★

Mr. Darcy: And what do you recommend, to encourage affection? 

Lizzie: Dancing. Even if one’s partner is barely tolerable. 

Me, who’s seen this movie at least 5 times and can quote this whole scene word for word: GET WRECKT FITZWILLIAM! 

Though that could be a review all on its own, I have to say, people don’t talk enough about how funny this movie is. Yes, it’s the most romantic film of all time, yes, every shot is a painting. But it’s just so funny and I can finally appreciate that. The zoom in on Darcy when he barges into the room and finds Lizzie alone? When Darcy says a woman should be well read, and Lizzie immediately snaps her book shut in response? “What excellent boiled potatoes”? Immaculate, perfect, 10/10. Hollywood’s comedians are shaking in their boots.

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