Prey ★★★

I can only dislike a movie in which the Predator fights a bear so much, but this was disappointing! It gets fun in the final 30 minutes but it’s a bit of a slog getting there. 

It’s just so low-rent and cheap and absolutely *full* of unconvincing CGI animals to a point where I was genuinely stunned when it cut to another scene with unconvincing CGI animals. It’s strangely repetitive for quite a while. 

The performances are largely bad and one-note and you never feel like it’s set in the past because the dialogue sounds like it was written in 2022.

It has its moments, though I’d be lying if I said any of them happen in that first hour. The CGI problem extends beyond the animals and mars almost every kill scene with incomprehensible computerized blood splatters or just cutting away because it’s all clearly so cheap that they decided to just toss it on Hulu.

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