The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½


At least fourth viewing, last seen 2011. (I'm revisiting the first two films as prep for another look at Godfather III, which I honestly haven't even thought about since its original theatrical release.) Basically perfect all the way through the Sollozzo/McCluskey hit, precisely 90 minutes in; second half's "merely" great, with the chronology becoming more diffuse (years suddenly start elapsing between scenes) and the tension necessarily going comparatively slack while Michael's stuck wooing a child in Sicily. I'm decidedly not amongst the crowd that considers Part II superior, for reasons that I'll address in its own entry; to a large degree, though, that preference boils down to my being primarily interested in Michael's metamorphosis, which is complete by this film's chilling final shot. Didn't really need or even want anything further. But more to come.

Anyway, no point in analyzing one of the most overanalyzed movies of all time, so here are some very random thoughts that occurred to me:

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