Pig ★★★★½


A.V. Club review, which I'd strongly encourage you to click on and scroll to the bottom of now (so that I'll continue to have a professional outlet) but wait to actually read until after you've seen the film. To quote Matt Zoller Seitz (whose excellent review you should likewise click on and read later), "Pig is on a short list of movies I loved that I wish I hadn't been assigned to write about, because I so enjoyed not having any idea what I was in for. No matter how circumspect I try to be in this review, I'm certain to tell you something you'd rather have stumbled into on your journey."

(There's a danger of raising expectations too high for a movie like this, I suppose. But I'd gathered from Twitter that it's unconventional and was still happily unprepared for exactly how it's unconventional.)

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