Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty ★★

The Coen Brothers delivered a run of so many great films throughout the 80's & 90's. So it was perhaps inevitable that something would eventually trip them and Intolerable Cruelty was that very thing.

It's not a bad film but it is an average one, an awkward one and a film so tonally askew it baffles the mind that it came from the same duo that brought us those cherished films before it.

Worse still, I could blame the writing but I think the Coens were wrong for this material. The efforts to give it their stamp of cinematic approval backfires in every other scene. By taking a poor plot and spivving it up with offbeat dialogue and incessant Clooney gurning doesn't cover up the fact that it is a poor plot. The Coen's for the first time, looked desperate. They never danced for attention before.

Anyway, we all know how it ends. The Coens stumbled but kept on running regardless and thank the cinematic lord for that.

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