Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★★

Like Mola Ram with his sacrifices in The Temple of Doom, Spielberg & Lucas dug the heart out of the script but in return, crammed in a shit-load of fun.

The opening 20 minutes are pure relentless joy. Not quite having the scale of the boulder chase from Raiders but it shines with a giddy genius through the artefact/diamond/antidote table trade, the bullet ridden rolling gong, the Short Round Shanghai car chase, the Lau Che plane crash and lastly the inflatable boat mountain drop. *Pauses for breath*

It rushes by so speedily, so absurdly, and is such a uniquely different, distinctive flavour to Raiders that I can see why the film is often looked at unfavourably.

Yes, Spielberg is showing off, but those back to back sequences in Pankot Palace are stunning. The monkey brain dinner, the 5 minute sex wait evolving into a Thuggee scrap, the squirmy bug scene, etc etc. It goes on and on and on before ending with the best.

The rope bridge massacre of '35.

'Hold on lady, we going for a ride'

Watching it again, I have to make the point that John Williams is VITAL to this movie, almost equal to that of Spielberg and the cast. His music drives this beast everywhere it needs to go. Under E.T. it's my 2nd favourite score of his.

So that's Temple done, it's silly, a little dumb, a little frightening, very dark but is also a gloriously filmed action spectacular.

Next week will be Last Crusade which I adored more as a youngster than I have as an adult. But things can change.

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