Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★

When it comes to having a sense of scale Ridley Scott will always impress but lately when it comes to telling a story that I don't get bored with Scott has been failing. "Robin Hood", "The Counselor" and now "Exodus: Gods and Kings". With all three films it seemed Scott was given the keys to the kingdom, all three had a fantastic cast, millions spent on production design, and all have the nuggets of a good story. How can this man still continue to bring disappointment after disappointment to the silver screen?

A thought that was completely bothersome to was the script. It just jumps around to often without giving any overall context to how much time has passed. Now I shouldn't expect that much from the man who wrote the scripts for "Tower Heist" and "Accepted", Bill Collage. To be fair to Collage I think that his scrip could have had fixed those problems and I'm just not seeing his vision of the film. Rumor was Scott's version of the film was close to four hours. Now is that a problem that I can place on this film? Of course! The version of the film I saw is completely flawed and while I was awed at times with spectacle I was left emotionally empty.

I hope to see a "Blade Runner" like Director's Cut of this film and I hope that I will actually enjoy the new version of this film but as it stands this film is just rather forgettable.

Rating: Rent It

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