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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    "i am not... um, well."

    watching bo's creative process in INSIDE is beautiful, unsettling, and bittersweet all at once, especially since i never thought he would do something like this ever again.

    bo made this by himself and for himself. that being said, when the special ended, i realized i had let myself forget that the root of his persona and his writing has always been performing. as in, everything is inherently a performance and everybody is performing everything all…

  • Bo Burnham: Make Happy

    Bo Burnham: Make Happy


    “social media - it’s just the market’s answer to a generation that demanded to perform. so the market said, here - perform. perform everything to each other, all the time for no reason.”

    i saw this show live over 5 years ago, and honestly, bo’s revelation about social media and performance rewired my entire brain. since then, i’ve always considered my social media presence to be a “performance.” and being a performer at all moments gets tiring! a lot of…

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  • Ran



    unfortunately this just wasn’t 100% for me! regardless of my personal taste though, i can appreciate that this film is an incredible achievement, and i’m still interested in exploring more of kurosawa’s work.

  • David Lynch Cooks Quinoa

    David Lynch Cooks Quinoa


    i gotta say, quinoa in black and white looks gross as hell but i’d eat it for the almighty aquarius king david lynch

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  • Hamilton



    y’all... jonathan groff’s performance as king george III was so unhinged that he FULLY inadvertently spit all over his entire chin, huh... that’s called range, babey. that’s called committing to the bit of only being onstage for nine (9) minutes in the whole show, babey

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    at the forty-six minute mark of this film, zendaya asks weakly, "are you done?" and john david washington sighs and replies, "not even fucking close." i looked at the run time and saw that i had an entire hour left of this film and i thought to myself... wow. art does imitate life.

    if you wanna watch a movie where a couple fights with each other for what feels like ages, watch BEFORE MIDNIGHT. watch MARRIAGE STORY. you don't need…