Sleepwalkers ★★★½

Reviewed on Cinema Eclectica.
Also 52 horror film challenge 2019: 21/52.
No. 43. Stephen King adaptation.

Cheated a bit here: this isn't a Stephen King adaptation, it's Stephen King's only original screenplay. Like his only directorial credit, Maximum Overdrive, it was received so poorly it persuaded him not to do another one. Also like Maximum Overdrive, it captures the spirit of King far better than a lot of more tasteful, acclaimed films could.

I spend so much time on the show unpacking the utterly batshit premise that there isn't much space to talk about some of the other things I enjoyed. Mädchen Amick and Glenn Shadix are having the time of their lives here, and for all I razz on Mick Garris on the show he certainly knows how to time a Premier League jump scare. The cat-centric plot suggests it may have been inspired by the two key texts of cinematic jump scares: the bus in Cat People, and the fake-out with the cat in Alien.

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