Stowaway ★★★

Stowaway marks another success for Netflix’s ever-growing original slate. Feeling a lot like a classic sci-fi film, it isn't about quick, brainless action or aliens or even the thrill of 'which one of us is the killer', like many of us expect these days. Instead, the film is an exploration of what we would do if survival meant sacrifice. How some people turn and some people help. Anna Kendrick shines in the leading role with Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson also giving three great, rather chilling performances to make up the cast.

It's slow and, of course, rather tedious at times given it's simplistic premise that can become slightly repetitive over the 116 minute runtime, but ultimately it’s a well-crafted film that wants you to think about and debate its meaning as it ends, throwing many moral questions at the viewer while simultaneously showcasing a rather enjoyable, tense and claustriphobically shot movie that, for me, worked well for what it was going for.
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