Finch ★★★½

Like many Apple TV+ originals this year (Palmer, Cherry and most notably Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry and Coda), Finch proved to be another great success for the studio. Following Finch Weinberg (Tom Hanks) on a post-apocalyptic earth decimated by a cataclysmic solar event that has left the world a wasteland, a robot (voiced by Caleb Landry Jones) he built to protect the life of his beloved dog, learns about life, love, friendship and what it means to be human as they set out on a journey together. 

It’s easy to see where the writers got their ideas from, feeling equal parts “The Martian” and “I Am Legend” allows for Finch to feel like a rather unique experience, gripping you with its emotional moments while also making you laugh along the way. As it progresses, experiencing the bond form between Hank’s Finch and his newly formed robot companion Jeff is a joy, adding a rather unique heart to a film that could have easily come off as cold and soulless and quickly winning me over. I didn’t know such emotion could come out of watching a robot develop, yet Finch proved me wrong. The compassion this film exudes, filled with heart and tenderness, is beyond anything I expected. Finch really surprised me, Miguel Sapochnik outdid himself, I loved every second of it!

“Hunger turned men into murderers. But me? It turned me into a coward.”

Finch proves that no matter how bad the state of the world is, as long as you have a dog and a robot companion, it’s all worth it. Watch Finch on Apple TV+ when it's released November 5th!
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