Encanto ★★★½

There's a charm to Encanto that simply can't go unnoticed. The bright vibrant colour pallet, charming songs and inspiring story bring it to life, creating a film that made me laugh throughout while touching me in a way most animated films have failed to do so this year.

Tales of discovery are rather familiar with Disney, it's nothing new, but with this, Encanto brings a unique premise to the table..." what if your family has magic powers but you're the only one not to?" It's a premise that on paper seems rather simple, but set upon a unique village in the Colombian mountains, it's allowed to fully flourish, crafting a storyline that hit me far more than I was expecting. Fuelled by eight original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and sung brilliantly by the entire cast, the film turns into a triumph in every category it's aiming for: art, songs and heart, creating a beautiful tribute to Colombian culture, that's a joyous experience from start to finish.

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