• Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

    Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon


    Bottled up and restraint, it starts to rise, slowly, incessantly, it fights relentlessly against its cage, every day growing closer, hungrier, angrier, quietly crawling towards an exit, a breaking point. Like a river bursting through a dam, rage explodes and brings with it pain and fear. Rage and fear, a deadly pair, where will they bring you?

    Mona Lisa and the blood moon is A girl walks home alone weird little sister. If the latter was a subdued, melancholic exploration…

  • The Past

    The Past


    A wall stands between us. It's made of glass, so I see you standing behind it, but my voice cannot reach you. I cannot remember a time when this wall did not exist, when it didn't separate us, didn't separate our voices. Was it always this way? Me standing here while you are there, painfully close and yet unreachable. Our mouths move, desperately throwing up word upon word, uncaring of the hindrance that doesn't let them be heard. Of the…

  • Return to Seoul

    Return to Seoul


    Belonging. What does it mean to belong? To feel like you are part of a place, to have no one question your right to stand there, to undoubtedly assert that you are something, someone, to feel like you are home. What even is home? Is it the place you grew up in? Or the place you were born in? Is it a mere question of location or does it have to o with affection? Is home a place, a person,…

  • On the Beach at Night Alone

    On the Beach at Night Alone


    Inescapable, unavoidable thoughts. You tried running, it didn't work, they follow you everywhere. You tried replacing their deafening rumble with people's voices, it didn't work, they are louder. And even when you think you've finally escaped them the look on someone face, a word half whispered, an elusive expression, make you remember, worse, it makes you know everyone one else remembers. And again, thoughts. Thoughts thoughts thoughts. Of a life that seemed happy, of a time that seemed endless. Does…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    The sun comes down, bringing darkness into the world. The streets, emptied by the day crowds, seem wider, feel lonelier. The neon signs start to turn on, lighting up the world with their cold glares, replacing the color of the day with artificial green and red, making the difference between day and night all the more crushing, all the more unbearable, a cruel reminder that the life of those who live in the night is a pale mockery of the…

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid

    Death hovers in the air from the first moment, from the first breath. Death follows you, an inextinguishable pest, it's not a matter of if, but when it's going to get you. And so you run, from death to death, postponing destiny, postponing life. You run and run and run, you don't have time to stop, don't have time to think, the obscure presence is steadily following you, nearer and nearer with every step. You wish it was over, you…

  • Kes



    They insult, they beat, they berate. They never stop. They always find new ways to misunderstand, they refuse to listen, certain of their truth, certain they know facts, while you can only spill lies. A life controlled by the false perception of others. You wish you could be heard, you wish that, just this once, you had control over your own life. You wish you could fly far away, free from the world that holds you down.

    Kes is the…

  • Carol



    What will happen? In a moment, will you say you love me? Will you ask me to stay? Will you get closer, will I smell your perfume, will our bodies touch? And what if... what if I walk out the door too soon? What if I lose the moment that could bring us happiness? What if, when I close that door behind me, you'll only then find the courage to say something? Lost moments. Lost memories. I fill in the…

  • Babylon



    They descend from the hill to grace the world with their presence, to be praised and honored, to be held up high and to be cherished. The gods of Babylon. Perfect creatures, the world belongs to them. Their word is command, their word is truth. Their word can change reality. Do they even know what reality is like for normal people? Do they know their privilege? Or are they so caught up in their bubble to be blind to reality?…

  • The King of Comedy

    The King of Comedy


    You walk in the streets of New York. You walk and walk and walk. It's not wandering, oh no, you steps are not the ones of a man lost in the beauty of the city, they are the steps of a man looking for something, searching for something. Or is it someone? What is it you are looking for? So desperately, you walk the same streets every day, you go in the same places, talk to the same people. Will…

  • Exotica



    Just for a moment, I beg you, make me forget the past. Make me think it was all a dream, and now I’m awake. Make me feel as if I’m not alone, as if this life isn’t empty. This damned existence has cursed me to continue to live, my heart to beat, my lungs to breathe. I don’t want it. I’m lost, unable to die and incapable of living. This unescapable limbo, where every day is the same, where time…

  • Emily



    The moors call her with their intemperance, a place as harsh as it is beautiful. A place untamed and untamable, wild and sickening, a place not for the living, but for the ghosts. Mist and rain cover the moors, creating a veil dividing the land of living from the land of dead, a veil so thin you can see through it, even cross it. And in the midst of it stands Emily, child of the moors, both living creature and…