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  • The Leopard

    The Leopard


    Andra explores Italy ep 2

    Il Gattopardo is both a beautiful ode to Sicily and a merciless critique of it. Just like Sicily its story is harsh and delicate, showing love and war, familial affects and political differences, aspects that are never portrayed as mutually exclusive, but instead complement each other, giving life to a complex set of relationships and situations, embodying the nature of the country itself.

    The character that serves as the perfect allegory for Sicily is Don…

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    It’s honestly scary how much Shiva Baby felt more like a personal experience than a movie.
    Family gatherings are always been source of anxiety for me, and Shiva Baby perfectly capture the claustrophobic oppression of a house full of people that you don’t even know the name of and that keep asking embarrassing and stressful questions, every one of them assuming stuff about you and pointing out every and each of your failures and things they disapprove of. That feeling…

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  • The Conformist

    The Conformist


    Andra explores Italy ep 1

    Il conformista is a splendid movie by director Bernando Bertolucci, set in late ‘30s Italy, it explores and condemns the life of a fascist spy as he tries to conform, to be normal, in a desperate search for mediocrity.

    The movie is beautifully shot, the fascist architecture leaves big, empty spaces for the characters to act in, giving a strange feeling of claustrophobia and creating an oppressive, ghostly atmosphere that perfectly mirroring Marcello’s inner self…

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    Raya and the last dragon is Disney’s last effort, but is it really an effort at all?
    The plot is derivative to an extent I couldn’t even imagine was possible, it takes a lot from The Road to El Dorado, Kung Fu Panda, Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean, The last airbender, Moana and there’s probably something I forgot.

    The animation is really good, can’t deny that, the water seemed real, but I found it to be almost annoying, there’s difference…