First Cow

First Cow ★★★★½

i was originally going to see this movie when i went back to school after spring break but then corona happened and i had to wait oh so long to see this beautiful cow and lemme tell you. it was worth the wait. 

usually i’m not someone who’s like “this movie would’ve been amazing in theaters” but i really wish i could’ve seen this in theaters. not just cause i miss going to the theaters a lot, but the atmosphere of this movie is just so calming that i think i would’ve been living my best life if i saw it in an empty theater in the middle of a day on a thursday. 

but even without the theater, this movie was very good. as i already said, the atmosphere was incredible. the beautiful images of oregon combined with the amazing soundtrack just made me feel so relaxed. the way the sun warmly shines down on the cow when you first see her is exactly how i felt watching this movie. very calming, would highly recommend watching before you go to sleep.

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