The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

Finally got the chance to see this in the cinema, only to have it be a subtitled showing. (Ominous rumbling) So that may have tainted my impression.

It's a big swing to do the Saxo Grammaticus "Hamlet" as a blockbuster action-fantasy film, and I'm glad Eggers had the chance to do something this big.

While I appreciated the visuals and setting, something just didn't quite click with me in the narrative. Amleth's vengeance being tempered by a prophecy felt too contrived, and there were other ways to get to that ending that could have been more believable. And I didn't buy the central romance at all - Skarsgård is 20 years older than ATJ - I thought we were past this bullshit.

It probably warrants another viewing on Blu-Ray. For all its faults, I'm just glad that something as weird and ambitious as this is playing the multiplexes.

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