Shame ★★★★½

Deeply disturbing and emotional... Michael Fassbender is phenomenal in this. Next level performance with like 100% of the screen time and a LOT of really crazy scenes. The directing is stellar, there’s so much visual story telling through body language or just really subtle cues, and they become even more expressive considering that the entire movie is from the perspective of Fassbender. Because of this, It adds all these new layers of nervousness, disgust, confusion etc to all these different situations that we normally would interpret as pretty straight forward. I also love that it explores so many different situational aspects not just for Fassbender but the people around him for comparison. 

(SPOILER): One of my favourite tiny details: Fassbender has that scene where he gets up to stuff in the toilet stall at the office. Later in the movie it cuts to the men’s washroom’s door and he isn’t even in the shot - you essentially know what’s happening purely through visual cues, and are now associating every day things with sexual deviance just like Fassbender. It’s really intelligent decisions like that which make the movie unique.

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