Encanto ★★★★

Well I finally watched it. After holding it back for a while now refusing to want to watch it because I've gotten sick of watching Disney use the same boring repetitive formula and sick of constantly being let down. Now if you know me at all you know that I have hated on disney movies out of frustration and anger because I love Disney. Like a lot of people I grew up with Disney movies. I love that magical warm feeling Disney can make you feel. Those times where you can root so much for the ma in n characters and are just happy at the end of the tunnel there's a happy ending. But recently those Disney Movies haven't worked for me. They've lacked the soul lacked the life that those other Disney movies have leaving nothing behind but an empty hollow shell. But thank god this movie didn't do that. Is it perfect hell no. This movie is not near some of the masterpieces Disney has created. But it's a step in the right direction and hopefully Disney continues to make movies like this one.

Now the first thing to start off with is obviously the animation. Now of course the animation in all Disney movies is really great and this one is no different. It's bright and colorful and kinda reminds me of coco in the way it's handled. Definitely a pretty sight to see.

Now the next part is the music. Now music in disney is something that no matter what movie it is whether that be Frozen to or Tangled. They always will have a couple of songs I can at least say hey this is not bad. This is one fo those movies. Now of course I don't like everything song. The first song just felt like a way to incorporate a musical intro to it after the flashback. But besides that I really like the rest of them. The Song from luisa is Moana level good. Showing how expectations and emotional stress can really take a toll on someone. Then there's we don't talk about Bruno which is great. I love that they incorporated Camilos gift into the song. It's such a creative thing to add to it.

The next good thing about this film is that it's small scale. It's a movie that doesn't really overstay its wlecome. It's not a big massive spectacle like other disney films. Nope it's just a movie with a little magic and a house and it works very well. The runtime is honestly pretty short. I thought it was going to be longer because it seemed to be but nope the credits are just 20 mins which I'm strangely fine with.

Now there is one scene that stands above everything else in this movie which is of course the flashback scene that was by the river. This is one of the best Disney scenes in a while. I love that there's isn't any talking or voice overs or anything like that it's just raw emotion. I love this scene on almost every level and I can't explain how good it truly is with words. It's just something you got to see.

Now that I've talked about the things I like let's discuss what I didn't like. One of those things is that when Bruno comes back nobody questions it. They just all seem to not notice him. Like c'mon you guys are anger at this man for betraying you and then he just shows up again like he's one of the family. It's not hard to fix this loophole just have Abuela say everything's chill now.

Another thing I disliked was that it definitely had those generic elements. Now sometimes they were covered and harder to see cause they would turn those generic elements into something with life and fun. However this didn't always work and sometimes it really did hold the movie down from being better.

Overall I'm glad that disney made something that was at least solid. Nothing outstanding or mindblowing but something that I can enjoy and wouldn't mind watching again. It's overall a solid movie and I'm a bit more excited for the future of Disney.

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