All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film ★★★★★

"You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath"

Of course I'm going to watch this on the 13th

All Too Well as often been hailed as Taylor's Magnum Opus - even post Folklore and Evermore, something about this tragic song has pierced the hearts of the heartbroken and resonated so deeply. Maybe it's the authenticity of the lyrics, the pain with which she sings. Taylor demonstrates her unbelievable vocal talent and lyricism with a song that envelopes and maims all those that listen, with the deep daggers of a 20 year old Taylor's heartbreak. The song is so intrinsically tied to one Mr Jake Gyllenhaal that it's impossible not to picture him throughout, and even throughout the entirty of Red. Taylor shares gut wrenching personal turmoil that she experienced, especially at the hands of their age gap
“You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine / And that made me want to die.”
The inner thoughts of Taylor, her insecurity and lamentation of loss is laid so deeply bare with immense vulnerability

All Too Well the Short Film was written and directed by Taylor Swift and as with all of her work, exemplifies her care and craftsmanship toward her art, unlike any other artist. The narrative of the film resembles what one could imagine was Taylor and Jake's relationship - although never stated. 'Her' played by the marvelous Sadie Sink and 'Him' played by the talented Dylan O' Brian live their short but deeply passionate romance on screen, from their Autumn first date, their fireplace card games and fridge light dances - we follow the honeymoon stage of a young woman deeply in love with her older partner. Sadie's outfits and acting invoke Taylor perfectly and Dylans mannerisms, tone of voice and over all appearance remind of Jake - so after a short while the two actors morph and all I could see was Taylor and Jake. Not to mention that the two stars chemistry was electric

The relationship takes a turn after Dylan invites a couple of his old friends to a dinner party and all but ignores his partner and poignantly refuses her offer to hold his hand. Later that evening, as she cleans the dishes with an aura of anger and resentment, and he piles on more plates ( "fuck the patriarchy") he sulks too and calls her selfish with no right to be mad. She brings up how he dropped her hand, and a sucker punch- he doesn't even remember. Ultimately she starts crying and he realizes he upset her and desperately tries to make right, comforts her and the two embrace, but we see a closeup of Sadie's tragic eyes

The rest of the film plays out as we see vignettes of happier moments in their relationship as well as a distraught post breakup Sadie, offering range I haven't seen from her before. All while Taylor speaks from her soul

It needs to be said that director of photography Rina Yang turned in a perfect picture of autumnal vibrancy

It's a sad feeling when your favorite person is having a blast all while pretending that you aren't there. I can see clearly how terrible this relationship was for the pair and Taylor is very brave to be so vulnerable about something that obviously caused her deep hurt

13 years later and All Too Well the novel is published, 'Her' now played by a gorgeous red headed Taylor Swift. My favorite line from this portion is "I'll get older, but your lovers stay my age"
Taylor has healed from this breakup, but evidently, 'He' hasn't, he stands outside her book debut in the snow, wearing her red scarf which he kept from all those years ago. The film comes to a close

Taylor Swift has turned in another masterpiece and I hope she receives the accolades she deserves for this piece, simply for the music alone. It goes without saying that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are perfect for eachother and I am overjoyed that Taylor gets to revisit her old heartbreak with the security of her true love. JOE TAKE A HINT, 'I LIKE SHINY THINGS BUT I'D ~marry~ YOU IN PAPER RINGS'
all seriousness, Miss Americana proves she is the voice of our generation and is beyond deserving of her position and respect. I'd honestly love a short film going forward for all of her rerecordings, Getaway Car from Reputation is screaming for that damn video, and now I think a short film is within the realm of possibility. Now that Harry Styles has firmly stepped into his acting career, I wonder if the two would be willing to star In a video for Rep or 1989
All Too Well the Short Film speaks for itself, it's on YouTube currently with a like to dislike ratio of 1.4 Million to 3.4 thousand. That speaks volumes
Spare 13 minutes for Taylor, you won't be disappointed

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