Blade Runner ★★½

I was kinda dissapointed with this movie.

First of all, I think the film looks very gorgeous. Some of the most atmospheric and beautiful visuals I've seen in any movie. I think this is its best aspect. Hauer also does an great job in his performance. It also have these very fascinating existential themes to it. The scores were also great.

However, there were many moments where it dragged for way too long and nothing much happens in these moments. It like it feels it tries to be reflective or deeper with these scenes where there is no much to get out from them.

There was also this very weird moment where Ford changes his voice to try to imitate a reporter but it is just stupid. Like there is no reason to hide your voice or anything. It just makes it harder for you to talk and makes you sound stupider. She can see your face and all. I thought it was out-of-place but whatever, it doesn't the affect film all that much. Wasn't much of a fan of his performance in this film either. I don't think he's particularly a great actor or anything.

That "romantic" scene from "Blade Runner I thought was problematic. The way how he takes advantage of her to give her a kiss, aggressively stops her from leaving, throws her hard to a wall, commands her to "kiss her", denies her response and then forcefully kisses her. And this scene haves romantic music playing, which makes it that more disturbing. It also reinforces this dangerous idea that women really want this and then when they say "no" or deny it, it actually means "yes". This scene didn't age well at all.

Some people say she was conflicted and that she is robot so isn't that bad but there is still dark implication/idea of predatory behavior actually being something women want in romance and for the second part, they are missing the point that they are made of the material that humans are made and also have humanity in them. The film also seems fine with the characters being together in the end but there are red flags to it that the film is not aware of.

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