Malignant ★★★½

There were things to like about this horror movie, referencing everything from Sisters and Basket Case to Dressed to Kill and the Matrix. One thing is the look of the film, with interesting horror and action visuals throughout, including visions and an underground city existing under the new one they built over it. Another is a plot that kept me guessing. Just when I had it figured out, sort of, it veered onto a different path. The film starts out with several wildly different stories, about a massacre at a hospital with a child villain named Gabriel, then cuts to many years later and a pregnant woman named Madison in an abusive relationship, a grotesque killer she has visions of, a sweet sister who finds out Madison was adopted, and a tour guide for the underground city who is abducted by the killer, who is as elusive, mysterious and grotesque as The Phantom of the Opera. When all is finally revealed, things do get a little bit silly with the main villain being basically unstoppable, and rather impossible, and uping the ante with lots of gory deaths, but that still doesn't stop this movie from being an enjoyable popcorn flick for the horror and action movie crowd.

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