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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Satirical, provocative & darkly humorous. It’s female Death Wish but as a unique, distinct female revenge thriller where the violence is expressed not through gore or blood soaked aggression but in the discomfort of shocking verbal confrontations bolstered by exquisitely written reverse-psychology dialogue.

    Carey Mulligan who I'm a huge fan of - but embarrassingly have not seen much of her recent work of late - is absolutely electrifying as the titular character & while I'm not sure what the general consensus is…

  • Nobody



    Starts off on the wrong foot with a bus fight that was so mean-spirited it reminded me of movies like The Raid Berandal & The Night Comes for Us where the violence is so unnecessarily gratuitous & exploitative simply for the purpose of eliciting gasps & awe from the audience without any satisfying narrative weight or stylized heightened reality foregrounding that bloodlust.

    This isn't John Wick or Donnie Yen in SPL where the violence is a desperate last-ditch effort to overcome a deadlier…

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  • Ne Zha

    Ne Zha


    China has made countless animated films in the past but Ne Zha marks their first real serious attempt to compete with animation giants Pixar, Disney & Dreamworks by replicating the three-pronged success of any animated films - storytelling, groundbreaking animation & voice-acting. That effort appears to have resonated with audiences; at the time of this review, Ne Zha is close to reaching US$700 million in worldwide gross & has smashed almost every box-office record for a non-US animated film to-date.

    Animated films haven’t…

  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    Ok I’ve read most of the reviews guys, and I’m not sure what to tell you coz ...


    Ok dang I’m in trouble.

    First of, a massive improvement over Apocalypse. But also so different compared to any other superhero movies this year. Simon Kinberg really dialed back the CG, focusing less on spectacle & more on intimate, powerful character-driven drama. James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender are splendid as always. Both of them have incredible chemistry & continue to be…