Scream ★★★★★

This is one of the best horror films ever made. Not only that, it also has the best opening to a horror film ever. It perfectly establishes the tone & style.

The screenplay by Kevin Williamson is really impressive. The man clearly loves horror films because his story is a love letter to the genre. The meta elements are creative & well thought out. I love the story & the world he created. The characters & dialogue feel real. It's one of the best horror screenplays ever in my opinion.

Wes Craven was the perfect director for this project. He's a master of horror & his skills helped bring energy to the film. I still think his best film is A Nightmare on Elm Street but Scream is very close behind.

All the acting is top notch. The casting is pitch perfect. My favorite performance is Matthew Lillard as Stu. He's fantastic! Also Roger Jackson is perfect as the voice of Ghostface. He deserves a lot of recognition.

The 3rd act is also iconic & I love the twist ending. It's really well done.

I recently watched an interview with Matthew Lillard & he said that no one knew this would be a success when they were making this film. That makes the experience so much better because I can tell that everyone had fun making this film.

I could go on but I'll end this by saying this film is a horror classic & it's phenomenal. It's one of my favorites.

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