Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

Film noir is my favorite film genre. I know & love everything about it. I even created my own film noir screenplay series. I love the classics & Neo-Noir. Blade Runner is one of the best Neo-Noirs ever.

This film is pure cinema. It's one of the best looking films I've ever seen. The cinematography is gorgeous. The production design & effects are beyond impressive. The score by Vangelis is one of the best ever made. RIP to a legend. Goddamn it's impressive.

The sci-fi story really suits this Neo-Noir. I like the mystery & following the broken Deckard around as he tries to solve it. The dark nature of having to hunt down the replicants takes a toll on our protagonist. I really love the horror elements in this film. It adds a lot to the story.

Harrison Ford, Sean Young, & Rutger Hauer are all fantastic in this film.

The atmosphere is so eerie & it's consistent throughout. The broken down rainy environment is a big factor for the atmosphere. I love the dark lighting & the smoky hue that lingers in each scene. It's perfect.

The ending of course is one of the best endings of all time. Roy's Tears in the Rain monologue with the beautiful score from Vangelis is pure cinema.

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