Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666

Welp, that pretty much undid all the goodwill this series had.

Fear Street: Part III - 1666 is shockingly awful. It’s worse than any of the previous entries’ most irredeemable qualities. Everything that was promising was shattered.

The film is split into two parts, the first being set in 1666 as the origins of the Sarah Fier curse are finally explained. The acting is terrible, the aesthetic look is putridly ugly, and the writing comes off as shitty Puritan fan fiction.

I was hoping that the second half, which is set in 1994 as it wraps up the trilogy, would balance it out with a thrilling conclusion. While it isn’t nearly as horrible, it’s still a disappointment.  Some of the trilogy’s biggest secrets are left unexplained, and what it does reveal is pretty silly. The acting and dialogue is consistent with the last two entries, which isn’t a compliment.

I don’t know how one of Netflix’s most promising piece of content resulted in one of its worst films, but 1666 proved that there was really no effort or creativity put into the the series as a whole, but instead offers isolated moments of fun drowned in aggressive mediocrity. What a waste of my time!

Fear Street as a whole: 38

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