A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

A Lizard in a Woman's Skin ★★★

This film includes some trippy, berserk-right-out-of-the-gate dream sequences that are often hailed as giallo manna. And rightly so, they're amazing to look at. There's also a spectacular scene at a church, and a commanding lead performance by the reliable Florinda Bolkan. Unfortunately, what occupies the space between those lively sequences is fairly mundane detective procedural drama that's filmed with none of the same panache. The boring talky parts do not build up any tension or serve as a welcome reprieve, they just stymie the film's momentum. Lucio Fulci obviously had a knack for sensual storytelling, but whether due to budgetary constraints or lack of interest, he only applied that zeal to about half of the material here. This is an uneven film, but there's enough of the intermittent good stuff to recommend it.

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