Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons ★★

i saw this movie in theaters and remembered nothing about it except the traps maze.

comedy gold. if this was a xena episode with their dynamic instead of these characters i know nothing about it would be perfect. the feeling of having your gm make you play a level 20 adventure as a level 1 party and they rig every roll in your favor so you just vibe with it.

very stupid with lots of bad acting. the fight scenes stink. but the crystal maze guy leads the tricks and traps dungeon gang and it's VERY funny, and the mid-90s TV movie CGI made me laugh a lot. the costume department got everything at a spirit halloween; the dwarf has the worst beard i've ever scene and it's full of chicken for half the movie. marlon wayans is doing something i can't really identify. seems like it would just be fun to be in this one!

it's SO cheap and goofy and gets dungeons and dragons precisely correct. this is what it's like to play tabletop. this is what playing a MUD for 20 years looks like. these are the stories that get told.

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