Spencer ★½

bland and awkward. i understand the film is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable but more than anything i felt aggravated at so much of the obvious or overreaching attempts at symbolism, as well as the dull dialogue and questionable acting/actions. the degree to which they dramatise diana’s mental health made me extremely upset as well, portrayals like this only create further stigma and i can’t help but feel this was done all for the sake of creating an “award moment” so kristen stewart could show she knows how to cry and breathe heavily. additionally, i cannot tell what the intention of the film was at all… all i got from the film is that i feel tremendously bad for william and harry and the amount of burdens they carry from not just the royal family but the dependence diana had on them. that being said the cinematography and music were amazing in establishing tension and indicating character’s motives and emotions.

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