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Just cruising through the wonderful world of film and enjoying the process one hell of a lot.

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  • C'mon C'mon
  • Another Round
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • A Ghost Story

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  • The Godfather: Part II


  • The Godfather


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  • One Fine Morning

    One Fine Morning


    FIN Atlantic International Film Festival #13


    I walked into this only knowing it was a French film. I have seen many a French film about affairs... is this a trend?

    Regardless, this is a beautiful film about learning when to let go.
    Sandra, played wonderfully by Seydoux, is constantly trying to grasp onto her tumultuous romantic relationship, while watching her connection with her father slip away. Yet the film never feels fully tragic. Despite being incredibly sad, as multiple…

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  • EO



    Little donkey, big world :(
    Robot dog why
    Carrot muffin 🥰

  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


    Back to back watch with Pt. 1
    What a fun way to see these both for the first time! 
    Pt2 is a little more uneven just because it covers more time but man, still a fantastic film!

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  • Enys Men

    Enys Men


    FIN Atlantic International Film Festival #5

    Some of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen put to film. 
    This film is incredibly unnerving and fully hypnotic. 
    I need to read/think about this to fully understand it but as it stands, it is the most absorbing piece of work I have seen this year. A wholly unique experience.

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    Poker. Fuck.