Favorite films

  • The Handmaiden
  • On the Beach at Night Alone
  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle
  • Soulmate

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  • Perfect Days


  • The Shadowless Tower


  • The Marsh King's Daughter


  • Father of the Milky Way Railroad


Recent reviews

  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    Wim Wenders is back and Yakusho Kōji is a blessing, astonishing performance of very few words, one of my favorite performances of the year!

  • Brave Citizen

    Brave Citizen


    Shin Hye-sun is truly one of the most delightful actors to watch, and watching her beating up a bully is very satisfying! 3 1/2 star is mostly for her alone!

Popular reviews

  • Broker


    Future Oscar winning actress IU has joined the chat ♥️

  • Soulmate



    It hurts more and more with every watch. And I love it more and more with every watch. 

    And one of my biggest pains in life is that I can’t ever go back to my childhood and find a deep childhood love and connection with someone like this.