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  • Osama



    Since we can't really travel, I want to make an effort to watch more films from around the world this year. Starting with Afghanistan.

    Unbearably sad.

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    One of the best films seen this year.

    Highly recommend watching it with the headphones or some other good sound system. I feel like I lost bit of magic by having some white noise coming thru around me.
    Film does not spell things out for you, nothing feels obvious - everything feels human.

    It’s ok, Lou.

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built



    Well, Jack indeed, built the house.

  • Suspiria



    Well this was a ride.

    I was hypnotized by the atmosphere and the amazing score from Thom Yorke (Who's gonna make music for the next Luca's film? I'm sure it's gonna be another legend who swore to never make music for movies ), I was amazed by all the dance sequences and I watched *that* scene with my hands close to my eyes - ready to save me if needed.

    Still mad at myself I didn't stay for the credits.…