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  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    "Almost all viewers of Generation Y will identify with the main character," is how the film was advertised. Naturally, I immediately felt anxious. First of all, being a millennial, I can't remember the last time I identified with someone on screen (alright, maybe that is because I watch quite a few horror films and thrillers). Secondly, broad generalizations often lead to a movie full of clichés. So. I started identifying with the character after the first 2 minutes.
    The plot…

  • Natural Light

    Natural Light


    Contrary to what the name suggests, the film isn't light. In both figurative and literal terms, soldiers are wading through gray swamps, and are soaked in rain and fear of survival. The main character, Šemetka, becomes the emitter of natural light, closing his eyes against petty misconduct by the inhabitants of the busy village and postponing decisions that would kill these people. Not only does Šemetka remain a small luminous man, but he also searches for light himself, but discovers…

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  • Emily the Criminal

    Emily the Criminal


    Plaza pulls off a dramatic role, and Rossi makes a good job as well. The plot is simple but intense, and the motivation of characters is made clear. Those student debts though. Feeling sorry in European. Otherwise, a little bit forgettable crime thriller.

  • Orphan: First Kill

    Orphan: First Kill


    It's a good sequel which is rare for a horror genre. It's also basically the same film as the first one, both plot and structure (even a good twist is here) wise.

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  • The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film

    The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film


    It's a short comedy. Didn't smile once.

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Intense and elegant. What lacks in whole, it overcompensates in a few outstanding scenes: the one with the bonfire; the one about the gaze, and of course, the ending, in which Adele Haenel gives everything. These scenes are going to linger in the memory of everyone who watches the film. And yet, some movie goers may be off putted by the slow pacing and the very 'French" feeling to it. It's their own loss, though.
    Also, I wonder why some…