Zodiac ★★★★½

Zodiac is one of those two hour and thirty minutes-long films that you just don't get tired watching. Everything is so neatly put together, the mystery is as much engaging as you could want, there's just enough to give you sort of a conclusion on who the killer might be all the while giving you the space to feel free and make your own theories. It encourages you to look for more information on the internet and deepen your knowledge on the case and I think that's very respectable and exactly what I want to feel after watching a film like Zodiac.

At the end of the day, it's a great mystery who was brilliantly translated to film. David Fincher knows what he's doing. He is more than aware of how the plot should be built and how it should evolve throughout the runtime to leave the audience gripping their seats and longing for the conclusion that as time passes seems to be more and more satisfying. And putting the plot aside, he knows how to build the atmosphere, how to make your eyes feel the story and what it's trying to pass on to you.

Definitely a film that shouldn't have been this long on my watchlist. I have to start cleaning up that list, which I'm sure has a number of amazing films such as this one.

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