Spencer ★★★★

Beauty is useless. Beauty is clothing.

Accompanying itself with an image treatment that tones down the color palette to deliver a soft and delicate visual to a rather sad story, Spencer makes it clear for cinema in general just how good a biopic can be when allowing imagination to roam within the walls of a true story. Nevertheless, and just like Princess Diana, that permission only goes so far and the film never truly flies as it wants to since the script ends up acting as a somewhat tight space where Spencer's wings can't fully open to be able to extend some of its greatest moments, surreal imagery and own interpretations. The biggest achievement of the film, with a close second being Kristen Stewart's great and career-best performance, is surely the original score by Jonny Greenwood that serves as a suffocating and anxiety-inducing bridge to Diana's repressed mind, perfectly setting the tone of the scenes and taking it a step further.

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