Dune ★★★★½

Here I am.

Here it is.
An ambitious first chapter to an epic story. Dune is huge in both scope and stakes, and the experience of watching it is only enhanced by the visuals created in all this new world, its people and lands, and the immersive sound of all things contained in it. All the information and terminology we're given, along with all the questions, regarding the environment, politics and society as well, help give density to this story and make it not only a treat for the eyes and ears. It evokes reflection and thought. The world-building is fantastic with the sandy landscapes and beautiful architecture playing a large part in making Dune seem as big of a film as it tries and succeeds on being. Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson are the clear cast standouts with truly amazing performances by both. Everyone's great in the film, though, as one would expect.

Here I remain.

I hope it won't.
It really was a risky move to have Dune made this way, as this really only feels like half of a movie (as great as it is). However, I don't think this story could be told, in a respectable way to its source material while still enjoyable to all, in only one film, so I can see where Villeneuve was coming from and I hope a new chapter is in sight.

In short, Dune was a fantastic and very promising first step, and one can only imagine how much greater this story can end up becoming as we submerge more and more into its world through Villeneuve's vision.

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