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  • The Trip to Greece

    The Trip to Greece

    Love this shit! They eat a bunch of fish stuff I wouldn't eat and then they do their impressions and party tricks for me and take turns mocking each other. That is just awesome! I laughed gigantically at the guy who dub himself.

    These movies are so easy breezy but still resonant. Not much comparable stateside. Imagining if America had four Sideways movies. 'Sideways Temecula'... 'Sideways Fredericksburg'. I'd pay big money to see 'Sideways Fredericksburg'. $1000.00, I'll commit to that…

  • Small Soldiers

    Small Soldiers

    This is the first movie I remember begging my mother to go see. She had read some reviews that claimed it was too violent and would scare me. She did not understand that my fear gland was already filled to the brim by a few seconds of an alien doc I had seen on Discovery while channel flipping. 

    I eventually got it on VHS a few months later and wore the tape to the bone. They should’ve let the kids review…

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  • Mank


    Mank faces off against his greatest enemy yet — my attention span!!

  • Midsommar


    Funny and weird! Truly a relief in comparison to Hereditary. If Ari Aster is gonna keep doing a buncha fucked up shit it should have to be in perpetual daylight like Midsommar is! Hereditary ruined my sleep for about two weeks, but last night, I slept soundly knowing all the pagan freaks are doing their broad daylight murders far away in their little village tens of thousands of miles from my REM cycle ☺️!

    (Italicized the movie titles to legitimize this review)