Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★

My memory somehow re-positions this film's release into an early 2010s window, mostly as the Robert Downey Jr it stars feels so of that era, and yet I always manage to forget that this was essentially his true comeback film, before Zodiac, before Iron Man, before Tropic Thunder or Sherlock Holmes. With it feeling like a hint of things to come, his performance in this is a wonderful hybrid of the 90's version of RDJ, with the various tics and quirks supplementing good dramatic performances, and the modern-day version that feels like an ad-libbing quip machine. My wife is not a fan of his, mostly due to those type of RDJ performances on their own, and she always consents to watch this primarily because, in her words, "Kilmer's performance more than offsets my distaste for Downey" (hard to argue, as Kilmer is a scene-stealer in this). In her eyes, every Robert Downey Jr performance is the equivalent to how he is in Home For The Holidays. Yet, to his credit, she laughed at his line reads and takes on more than a few occasions. I can't help but assess his performance on the reaction of his toughest critic that I know, and his charms won her over. Looking forward to seeing him pop-up in Oppenheimer next year, and would love to see him become part of Nolan's rotating ensemble.

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