Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★★

Takes the best part of the first one - Bruce Campbell on his own against the evil - and goes all in on just making it the first half of the film, coupled with the darkest cartoon humor Raimi will probably ever do. I've seen this many times and I'm still always surprised at how feverish that first section is, and how sicker everything looks now that Raimi has a little money to work with (but thankfully, not too much).
It feels like the only thing that kept this from getting midnight movie screenings similar to Rocky Horror was the lack of songs - I could easily see people yelling shit at Bobby Joe every time she spit, or miming along when Ash is mimicking the the lamp during his breakdown. Maybe those screenings exist and I've just never been invited.
I did see what happens when you add songs to this - the Evil Dead musical - a few years ago, and its certainly fine enough for the 2+ hours I saw it, but nothing stuck with me afterwards. I was more in admiration at how they actually combined the first two Evil Dead films into one coherent plot.

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