• Dream Lover

    Dream Lover


    If you ask me, seeing Mädchen Amick nude is good enough reason to watch this. She looks quite breathtaking.

    This story about deception and betrayal is held together by two strong performances by Spader and Amick. Even though it's got some circus-themed dream sequences, this whole thing is rooted in noir. That means its view of women is gonna be harsh and extreme.

    Also problematic is a script that throws in a half-ass plot reveal at the 11th hour and has an ending that I thought would've had more impact.

  • The Stepfather

    The Stepfather


    Well written, well acted.

  • Slash Dance

    Slash Dance


    I went into this thinking it was gonna be a stripper slasher movie. But it's more like a stage play slasher movie. Maybe they couldn't afford to rent out a strip club.

  • Night Ripper!

    Night Ripper!


    All I remember is they padded the movie with driving around the city sequences set to a synthy lite FM music and that one asshole with the glasses.

  • Here Is Germany

    Here Is Germany

    They left out the part where Hitler's Nazis were inspired by Jim Crow laws.

  • Benedetta



    Even before watching Benedetta, I was ready to proclaim it film of the year. And not just because of that exquisite poster. This is Verhoeven, after all.

    Sadly, I was disappointed with Benedetta. Don't get me wrong. This is not a terrible film. Far from it. I just think I was expecting Ken Russell's The Devils. And this is not that. Benedetta does take some decent jabs at organized religion, but I didn't find Verhoeven's bite as sharp as it could be.

  • All-American Murder

    All-American Murder


    The way the police gave this dude (a murder suspect) so many chances annoyed me.

    I was surprised that Christopher Walken was even in this. He's the main reason I watched, and I thought his character could've been better written. Hell, you can guess who the villain is pretty early on, as well.

  • Vicious Lips

    Vicious Lips

    Makes a good double feature with Voyage of the Rock Aliens.

  • Voyage of the Rock Aliens

    Voyage of the Rock Aliens


    Whoa, this is legit musical. When it dawned on me that's what it was, I didn't think I could hang. But I had a genuine good time with this. This thing has Jermaine Jackson trying to out-Thriller his brother. I remember Pia Zadora getting shit on a lot by critics during this time, but she's really good in this. And then you have Craig Sheffer looking like he's trying out for Zoolander. As the title suggests, this is not a…

  • Extreme Prejudice

    Extreme Prejudice


    Walter Hill could direct the hell out of action movies and he's on fire with Extreme Prejudice. And when you take a gander at this cast, it's hard to beat. It's wall-to-wall amazing character actors (including my man Tiny 'Zeus' Lister aka Debo [RIP]) breaking into way-too-close gun fights every fifteen minutes. Actually, I thought they should've picked between Nick Nolte vs. Powers Boothe subplot and the rogue military posse, but that's a minor complaint. This is just a movie that kicks a lot of ass.

  • The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch

    Machismo in all its ugly glory.

  • Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky


    I was worried there for a bit. I wasn't sure I would be able to last the almost 2 hour running time with all the artsy fartsy mocking. Even that crazy-ass soundtrack was starting to penetrate my cranium.

    But stick with it I did, and I'm glad. The real NYC, I salute you.