M3GAN ★★★½

the way M3gan can now be one of those Barden Bellas’ members in “Pitch Perfect” like omgg yess slaaayy queen of acapella vocals, her loves for music tho! she even slayed her dances performance so imma call her a robotic badass girl with talents!!

more than anything else, i’ve decided to watch this on theatre mainly because it was produced by James Wan & Jason Blum, the iconic duo film makers / producers. honestly, we need more collabs from these two.

A good way to starts horror-scifi-thriller genre Year 2023 with a lil bit of goofiness. thats right, y’all! we have a new iconic villain character, that is M3gan & i love her! this was fun, entertaining, and hilarious in so many ways i was cackling so hard most of the entire time, Thanks to M3gan!

personally, i’ve already expected it to be oh not so scary especially after seen that viral dance clips from the movie that has becomes memes all over on the internet. but, for me there were still many good-shots with horror elements and some mini jumpscares in it. although, i just wish theres more of bloody scene to see but then this movie isn't R-rated so yeahh understandable. 

anyways M3gan should really become bestfriend with Chucky already now, I want them to meet each others so badly! 👦🏻👧🏼🔪🖤

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