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This review may contain spoilers.

I look forward to the day when police officers are no longer referred to as pigs.” 

Marvel has ruined so many films if you think about it because I would be lying if I didn’t think from time to time while watching this wow Mysterio and Hulk in a diner. Or Iron Man and Mysterio cracking codes... of the Zodiac kind.

That being said, Mark Ruffalo is especially great in this. 
I say this as someone who is biased towards anything David Fincher does, isn’t this just a precursor to Mindhunter?
An ode to All the Presidents Men. It’s impressive how long your focus can be kept because the majority of this film is men sitting in rooms, men on telephones, in cars, looking through letters and evidence, ignoring their families or trying to protect them, with snippets of suspense here and there. Despite that, this kept my attention for the most part, I felt the latter end of the second hour but it does hold your attention again. Fincher is a master at that, but it is my least favourite of his that I’ve seen. It’s a lot less intense than I remember it being but maybe I watched it when I was way too young lol. There’s always a shot that is just *chef’s kiss* in every Fincher film that proves we’re not worthy and it’s the overhead shot of the taxi car through the night that unexpectedly to the viewer, will be the next killing. It’s little choices he makes like that, that keep your eyes fixed in, that sucks you in before he pulls the rug right beneath you. 
I liked the much needed humour sprinkled into this too.

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