Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★

I wasn’t going to continue with these movies but I’m so glad I did! This was so fun and entertaining! 
Raiders of the Lost Ark kinda took itself too seriously but this knew exactly what it was and didn’t pretend to be anything else and kind of leaned in to the silliness in a wholesome way and not in a cheesy way which I can respect! That first scene was straight out of a Bond film, it threw me off. That kid (Short Round) was great and SO CUTE, his little facial expressions and one liners were so funny. What a badass sidekick. He deserved his own franchise. The women in these films however….. still act like children, dress ridiculously for the location and just scream but this is from the 80’s. 🤪
Harrison Ford in those glasses and bow tie was very iconic to me! 😍 I didn’t think they were gonna bring that look back that lol but they did. It works for him. This was like being on a adventure rollercoaster ride in the best way and I’m so jealous of anyone who got to see it on the big screen as a kid when it was released. That mine car chase was insanely cool and aged flawlessly! Cinema at its finest. 
If you slander this, you’re just boring. 😤

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