In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★

- Felt nice to watch a musical again after awhile. 

- The songs here are absolutely fantastic but at the same time they don’t feel like songs I’d add to my Spotify playlist. Don’t know why just don’t feel like I’d enjoy them as much hearing them so often on my playlist. Definitely gonna add the first song (pretty sure just called In The Heights but I don’t wanna cause confusion) to my playlist because that was a bop and a half.

- They really didn’t have to kill the abele (I’m sorry that is probably spelled incredible wrong) and with that super emotional song to with her reflecting on her life like come on that’s so sad. Why do they have to get me all sad after the bop that was fireworks. 

- I wish my block was that cool. All I have is a guy who hit someone’s car with a table leg (I don’t know if he still lives on my street but it did happen) and people riding lawnmowers down the road. 

- Overall a pretty fun musical that is the beginning of the 2021 musical take over with the like 50 musicals releasing this year. Also had great performances, pretty enjoyable music and well choreographed dance scenes.

- It take the #7 spot pushing Justice Society: World War 2 down a peg.

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