Air ★★★★

Very happy I got to go to the early screening of this today because it was well worth it. Atm I’m predicting this to be a big hit because having seen the crowd for the preview screening this has potential to be a massive hit. And I’m glad cause it’s very good. It takes a bit to get going but once it gets going it goes hard. It’s the inspirational story of the guy who convinced Michael Jordan to sign with Nike, a jogging company attempting to make its way into the basketball shoe world. Got great performances from Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, and Viola Davis. The soundtrack goes hard. Affleck’s directing is possibly some of the funnest directing of the year. The editing is also just wild and fun. That’s it man. It’s just a fun time. It’s a bunch of friends having a good time with each other telling a story they all clearly thought was important to tell and putting there all into making it great. Not every joke lands but when they do they land greatly and Convery’s script moves very fast to keep things form slowing down.

Can’t wait to see what everyone on this does next. Convery has a lot of promise as a writer and Artist Equity are going to be an interesting company in the future. Watch it April 5th when it comes out and just have a good time. Peace out.

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