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  • Intolerable Cruelty

    Intolerable Cruelty


    pure screwball delight. the coen brothers really know how to use a face, and george clooney's face does some fantastic things in this while catherine zeta jones wears the hell out of a gold necklace. it's a pity every single poster for this film is ugly as fuck because this showcases the best of the 2000s – texan billy bob thornton, a rhinestoned denim suit, tinted sunglasses, lip gloss.

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    this is how whipped deborah ann woll has me now that i've seen her as jessica in true blood. she's so good in true blood... anyway this reminded me of cabin in the woods the entire way through, down to the shy girl and deadbeat substance abuse dude. no decapitated wolf or pilgrim cult or sigourney weaver in this one though, sad!

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  • To the Bone

    To the Bone


    i'm the ‪girl who sees keanu reeves and says "are you trying to turn me straight"‬

  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    i was lucky enough to attend a screening with a director q&a afterwards, in which francis lee revealed that one of his biggest influences for this film was pretty woman to everyone's delight.

    other highlights:
    - the sounds of the yorkshire countryside are very key to the film; gheorghe has his own special wind sound that follows him through the film and remains after he has left, like an audio haunting
    - bird sounds in the film are also significant…