Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies

Lia Rousseau: [as a couple zombies are approaching them] They must be monsters! Look at their faces!

Max: They could be drunk.

Sample dialogue from Hell of the Living Dead/Night of The Zombies/Zombie Creeping Flesh/Virus/Just call it whatever you want.

Leave it to Bruno Mattei (Rat's The Nights of Terror) and Claudio Fragasso (Troll 2) to bring us a rip off Zombie flick that is extremely terrible yet extremely fun. Starting off with some fraudulent opening credits claiming Goblin did the music (nope, Mattei just stole some of their music from other movies), and that some guy named Vincent Dawn directed it (a pseudonym always a sign of highest quality).

Whoever did the dubbing obviously knew this whole thing was a goof because the dialogue is too funny to not have been written intentionally silly. The gang of commandos we follow are hilarious offering such nuggets of wisdom like:

"Buildings have people in them. We'd better go investigate."

"Woo, these mothers have got more lives than a cat!"

I also liked the running gag of only one of them knowing to shoot the damn zombies in the head which is a lesson that none of the other men can figure out during the run time. The reporter girl getting naked and donning native body paint will be sure to spark a think piece from if they ever find out about this movie.

Eventually despite the so bad its good quality it does get grating after a while, and its never subtle when Mattei switches into stock footage as it's so much better shot than his movie. So I was kind of tired of it after an hour or so but I could see this being a perfect pick for drunk mock watching with friends.