Salon Kitty

Salon Kitty

That poster art does not convey the content of this film at all, save that, yes, there are women wearing lipstick in it.

This is actually a fairly compelling story of a brothel taken over by the Nazis in order to spy on themselves, basically. That premise alone is fertile for exploring the nature of evil, distrust, fanatacism, and human cruelty, but, of course, Tinto Brass isn't much interested in going too deep into the human psyche so long as he can film people going deeper into the human body. I don't know if I should be ashamed or proud of that sentence, but I cannot resist keeping it in there. Suffice it to say, this is X-rated exploitation that goes well beyond pornographic into the transgressive.

That said, it does have some time and energy for plot and characterization, which makes it a cut above, and the manner of grotesque imagery is well orchestrated in a way that makes it interesting to watch beyond its discomforts (or titillations, depending on the scene/your tastes). It's well made for being little more than shock value; the ending is especially shocking as it suggests that there might be something worse than Nazis in this world. Indeed, taking a long view of it, it could be taken to suggest that self-centered ruthlessness (a feature of, say, corporate America) is worse even than the Nazis. It's intended to be shocking, however, and I don't think that Brass was supporting Nazism (the film fairly depicts it as awful) nor that this film would make any Nazi comfortable. Its simply a side effect of the transgressions, and in a way, perhaps hypocritically, I found it amusing.

December count: 98/100.

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