Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★

Use of little people and Asians as props? Check. Uncomfortable sex scene with questionable consent? Check. Centering a murderous slave-catcher as our anti-hero? Check. Beloved by film nerds worldwide? Check.

It's not even that bad; it's just nothing more than impressive set designs. The much-discussed ambiguity is a complete non-issue and not at all supported by the text (based on "the final cut," anyway); there's one moment where Deckard's humanity is brought up and it plays no meaningful role in the tension or narrative. As far as I can tell, again, assuming this probably unnecessary cut of the film doesn't differ that greatly from the others, the discussion around whether he's a replicant or not is entirely driven by a need to make this film deeper than it is.

This is film noir scifi watered down from its source material and basic Hollywood misogyny. Without those pyramids and shadowy skyscrapers and Pris's makeup and some of those costumes, it'd be unwatchable. Instead, there's enough distraction to give those who haven't seen a film with actual depth something to talk about.

I ended up disliking this more after writing this than when I started.

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